2014 Spring PA West District 7 - Lake
Venue: Conneaut Lake Soccer Complex

Venue Information
Venue: Conneaut Lake Soccer Complex
Address: -
Web Site: -
Directions: take Rte 18 (south from Conneautville) or Rte 18 (north from traffic light 1/2 mile outside town of Conneaut Lake along Rte 322). Follow Rte 18 until come to a sign that points to Fat Boys Saloon (orange/black/white sign). Coming from Conneautville sign is about 5 mi. on left. Coming from Conneaut Lake sign is about 3 mi. past light @ Harmonsburg. Turn on road toward saloon, and follow 1 mile until you see sign to soccer complex (on your left). It is a gravel/dirt road. Travel soccer fields are on the right along this road. Take second entrance on right (second set of yellow poles). Mapquest is corner of Dicksonburg Rd & Inlet Road, off of Rte 18. Soccer sign at corner points direction onto gravel road...

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
1 Clays Field 1 7v7 OPEN --
10 Clays Field 10 9v9 OPEN --
11 Clays Field 11 11v11 OPEN Schedule
12 Clays Field 12 11v11 OPEN Schedule
2 Clays Field 2 7v7 OPEN --
3 Clays Field 3 7v7 OPEN --
4 Clays Field 4 7v7 OPEN --
5 Clays Field 5 7v7 OPEN --
6 Clays Field 6 7v7 OPEN --
7 Clays Field 7 7v7 OPEN --
8 Clays Field 8 Small OPEN --
9 Clays Field 9 Small OPEN --

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