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The Futsal Seminar is a one day course scheduled for: 6:00-9:00 p.m. 

Thursday, December 29,2022

Course Description:

  • Learn about important contributions futsal can offer coaching education programs for youth coaches.
  • Understand the basic techniques and tactics associated with futsal.
  • Have a perspective on the history of the game.
  • Gain awareness of the rules that give futsal its unique character through a comprehensive Futsal rules video.
  • Identify similarities and differences between futsal and outdoor soccer.
  • Appreciate the role futsal can play in young player development.
  • Receive several training activities appropriate for players in Stages 1-5 of development (3-18 years old), in full color PDF and video.
  • Know how to start a futsal team or league with U.S. Futsal.

Course Location:

Saint Simon Jude Church Gym

1625 Greentree Road

Pittsburgh, Pa 15220

Course Fee: Free
Event Location
Saint Simon Jude Church Gym
1625 Greentree Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1909
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